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Currently available at: DXB B-Gates and DOH North Node (launching late 2022)

For those with a short layover or seeking a quick pre-departure snooze, our Power Nap Therapy Pods are the ideal choice for a faster recovery.

Each Power Nap Therapy Pod features a mattress for sensory tissue stimulation with low frequency vibration, aided by sleep-inducing acoustics via noise cancelling headset. The vibrations have a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind. The production of stress hormones is reduced, and sleep mechanisms are restored.

We have a very strict hygiene policy, applying products and best practices from both the aviation and hotel industries. Operating in a 24x7 environment we always have a housekeeper on duty to ensure highest levels of hygiene throughout the entire Lounge.

Kindly note that the Power Nap Therapy Pods cannot be pre-booked and are only available for walk-in customers in select locations.

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