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Currently available at: DXB D-Gates

At only three square meters (as in 2.15 x 1.40 m – that’s all it is...) our YAWN lite Cabins may be really small in size, but nonetheless they represent a comfortable offering for a few hours of sleep whilst in transit, or for a pre-flight power nap. Each Cabin comes with a single size (200 x 70 cm) or double (200 x 140 cm) bed, comfortable mattress and luxurious bed linen, with our 100% cotton and vibrant teal pillow cases adding an extra splash of colour to your Cabin. Further YAWN lite Cabin features include a power/USB socket, coat hanger, waste bin, large mirror and a bedside table (single Cabins only)

Families travelling with children are required to book multiple cabins due to space constraints.

Each YAWN lite Cabin is air-conditioned with individual controls and lockable from the inside. Our wake-up service includes a hot or cold towel – depending on your preference.

We have a very strict hygiene policy, applying products and best practices from both the aviation and hotel industries. Operating in a 24x7 environment we always have a housekeeper on duty to ensure highest levels of hygiene throughout the entire Lounge.

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