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So what is a Sleep Lounge? As the name suggests we provide a place to sleep - that’s pretty much it. We are not a hotel, and neither are we an airport lounge in the classic sense, our unique Sleep Lounge concept is some kind of a hybrid model in between.

We have been operating dedicated airport Sleep Lounges since 2013, but sleep ’n fly at Dubai International (DXB) clearly represents our new flagship lounge, taking our concept to a new level.

Apart from 20 ‘Igloo’ Sleep Pods and our seven YAWN Cabins, sleep ’n fly at DXB offers a nature-inspired ambience with lots of real wood, earth colours and dimmed lighting. We operate 24x7 with a team of multilingual hospitality and housekeeping staff, looking after your wellbeing during your short stay with us.

After check-in at our reception (outside the lounge entrance to reduce noise) you will be escorted to your Pod/Cabin by one of our hostesses to not quite literally tuck you in for your rest. At an agreed time you will be woken up by our staff with a smile, and a hot or cold towel – depending on your preference.

Lounge facilities include a small waiting area with two comfortable armchairs for both arriving and departing guests.

Next to our reception area we offer a wide array of amenities and merchandise to make your stay with us, or your onward journey, as comfortable and memorable as possible. Our product range not only includes pillows and blankets, dental or shaving kits, but even extends to unique memory foam neck hoodies/pillows and travel slippers.

Welcome to sleep ’n fly at DXB - welcome to your new Sleep Lounge experience!

Please click here if you would like to make a booking, or email us for any other query you may have. Kindly note that we do not take any reservations via email.

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