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Currently available at: DXB A-Gates

Our ‘Igloo’ is the 2nd generation of Sleep Pods we have been very successfully operating at other airports since 2013. Super-stylish in design, extremely comfortable en par with an airline first class flat-bed seat, and highly functional in terms of features, our ‘Igloo’ is the perfect short-term resting solution for an airport transit.

Representing a blend of real Finnish wood, brown leather upholstery and a felt canvas, and wrapped in a funky fibreglass shell with a semi-gloss car finish, our ‘Igloos’ are not only functional and comfortable, but also a real pleaser to the eye!

Pod features include a 90°-180° seat to flat-bed, a 200 x 74 cm padded surface area for a good night’s sleep, generous carry-on baggage storage and LED lighting with dimmer switch. Further amenities comprise an international power socket/USB charger, tinted sliding side windows, a solid wooden folding table (desk), as well as a slim storage area for tablets or mobile phones.

For privacy the manually operated felt canvas shade at the top can be partially or fully closed. The perforated sliding shade provides for ventilation inside the Pod, additional air flow may be achieved through the tinted sliding side windows.

Each Igloo comes with a disposable cover for the head rest; pillows, blankets and other amenities are optionally available.

We have a very strict hygiene policy, applying products and best practices from both the aviation and hotel industries. Operating in a 24x7 environment we always have a housekeeper on duty to ensure highest levels of hygiene throughout the entire Lounge.

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