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The sleep 'n fly brand and Sleep Lounge concept is part of OGH Holding UK with deep roots into aviation. Our aviation focus remains on the ground though rather than in the air, providing an array of services and products to international airports and their stakeholders.

Late 2013 saw the launch of the world’s first ever airport lounge dedicated to ‘sleep’  - welcome to sleep 'n fly! Neither a hotel, nor an airport lounge in the classic sense, our unique Sleep Lounge concept caters to the requirements of airline transit travellers in the need of a power nap, a full night’s sleep, or anything in between.

Apart from our complementary range of branded merchandise items we offer our guests SLEEP on a pay-by-the-hour basis! Plus, of course, convenience, flexibility and prime locations inside the transit areas of the airport terminals.

Whether single travellers, couples or even families, our mix of different types of Sleep Pods and Cabins provide for a comfortable way to stretch your legs and close your eyes. Our Sleep Lounges typically operate 24x7 with dedicated front office and housekeeping teams giving the best of hospitality to our guests; from tucking them into bed to waking them up with our signature hot or cold towels.

Despite almost a quarter million guests having already spent in excess of a million ‘sleep hours’ with us we never stop to improve our concept and look forward to expanding around the globe. Therefore please stay tuned to learn about new Sleep Lounges launching at an airport of your convenience.

Meanwhile we look forward to providing you with a place to relax in our existing lounges, either in person, or virtually via our websites. So sit back and relax, and let our hospitality teams take care of you.

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