@ Dubai International Airport (DXB)


By using the sleep ‘n fly Sleep Lounge including its Sleep Pods or Cabins and their related services you are accepting all of the following Terms & Conditions.

Sleep 'n fly at Dubai International Airport (DXB), operated by ONGROUND Hospitality LLC (ONGROUND) is a Lounge dedicated to sleeping, but it is not a hotel. The Igloo Sleep Pods (not rooms) accommodate one Guest whereas our YAWN Cabins have space for maximum two (2) Guests and a child of up to approximately six (6) years (or rather max. 115 cm in height) in a pull-out bed.

The Sleep Lounge is available for the use of passengers traveling from or through Dubai International Airport (DXB), hereinafter referred to as Guests. Young and teenage Guests up to 18 years of age can use their own Sleep Pod, but must be accompanied by a guardian or adult Guest who accepts these Terms & Conditions on behalf of the minor. For babies and young children up to 115 cm in height traveling with one or two adult Guests we recommend the use of a special children's pull-out bed (125 x 50cm) inside each of our Cabins.

Lounge Guests are charged for the use of the Sleep Pod/Cabin based on set hourly rates for the desired number of hours usage by paying through their valid credit card, or in cash in accepted currencies (AED, US$, AU$, EUR, GBP, SAR, QAR, KWD) at the reception counter.  In case of accepted currencies cash payment at reception, all change given will be in UAE Dirhams (AED) only. Pre-bookings through this website will be invoiced in US$ and only through PayPal.

There are no WCs or showers inside the Lounge, however Guests can use the conveniently located nearby airport facilities free of charge.  A unisex changing room with baby changing facility inside the Lounge is available to all our Guests free of charge.

Considering sleep ’n fly is a Sleep Lounge, we strongly discourage the consumption of food and beverage items of any kind, particularly inside the Pods. We provide a dedicated seating area for our Guests’ convenience and comfort close to reception. However, consumption of alcoholic beverages or stimulants, as well as food or beverage items emitting strong odours of any kind, or their packaging causing audible disturbance to other Guests, are not permitted throughout the lounge at all times. ONGROUND reserves the right to demand immediate check-out from the Lounge premises (without any refund or compensation) in case a Guest is intoxicated, showing unruly behaviour, or causing intolerable levels of disturbance towards other Guests and/or Lounge staff.  We operate the Lounge as a quiet zone and expect our Guests to keep noise levels to the bare minimum; this includes mobile phones on silent mode, and any telephone conversations to be conducted outside Lounge premises in the airport’s public areas.

Under all circumstances is it the sole responsibility of the Guest to ensure timely arrival at his/her next flight’s departure gate. Without any disruption(s) the time required to reach the furthest away gate at Concourse D from the sleep ’n fly Lounge may be 45-60 minutes for an able-bodied adult person, and above one (1) hour for all gates at Terminal 2. Our Lounge staff tries to assist our Guests in determining the maximum feasible stay with us considering the departure time of the Guest’s next flight, but the ultimate decision as when to check-out from the Lounge and proceed to the departure gate lies entirely with the Guest. Under no circumstances can Lounge staff or ONGROUND be held responsible in any way for wrong, lack of, misunderstood or misinterpreted information pertaining to onward travel, and any negative and/or financial consequences to the Guest as a result of it.

The Sleep Lounge may be monitored by CCTV through Govt. authorities and, by their presence, our Guests grant permission for the recording of CCTV footage.

We reserve the right to change our Terms & Conditions including the Disclaimer Notice at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised Terms & Conditions shall be posted on this website immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.


ONGROUND cannot be held responsible for

a) Guests missing their flight/s for whatever reason incl. failure of Lounge staff to provide our complimentary wake-up service;

b) damage, loss or theft of Guests’ personal belongings anywhere inside the Lounge premises.

c) Guests missing the representative for their pre-booked Meet & Greet service when entering the airport building, provided by a third party namely marhaba Services.

In case of injury to persons, or damage to or loss of possessions whilst using the Sleep Lounge, the Guest indemnifies ONGROUND against any claims which may be brought against them.


We offer full refund until two (2) days prior to scheduled check-in date. There is no refund in case of later cancellations or in case of no-show. Example: If you have a reservation for check-in at 01:30 on 10 July 2017, you can cancel free of charge until 23:59 UAE time on 7 July. Unless you notify our Lounge team about a potential or actual delay of your flight on we only hold your Pod/Cabin for one (1) hour from scheduled check-in time, after that we consider you no-show and release all accommodation held without any refund. Cancellations received more than 60 days after payment incur additional third party charges by PayPal beyond our control.

We reserve the right to do random checks of credit card verifications in order to minimise online fraud.  In case you are making an online reservation on behalf of somebody else and you will not be part of the travelling party, we may require you to provide us with a scan via email of proof of address, as well as a copy of your credit card and/or a recent statement.